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(Translated from Japanese with the aid of Google Translate)

Nintendo is known from its secrecy but the silent was broken yesterday when a secure source revealed interesting details about the new Mario game and more. The project is dubbed Super Mario Revolution. “You will never die in the new (Mario) game or, better saying, you will die but you can reverse it with the press of a button that rewinds time (and your actions in the game) until you think you reached a better situation.” According to the source, the team involved in the project is working to give the player the ability to rewind up to five minutes of gameplay even though the majority of the players will only rewind a few seconds, based on the behavior of the game testers. The source added that the ability to rewind time is aimed “to give players a less punishing more dynamic gameplay experience. We noticed that the new system is used a lot, not only when dying but at very different situations, is the second command more used in the game after the jump button.” Even with dying being removed from the game, checkpoints marking important places of the stage will remain for the sake of fast travelling to a given location, what implies that Mario will revisit the stages as in Mario Odyssey. Other incredible news is that each stage will have its own unique art style not only created from scratch by Nintendo but also based on styles from several movements from History of Art like “impressionism, pointillism, pop art and rock painting”.

“The only thing that will not change (in art style) is Mario; everything else will look stunningly different from a world to another. Some worlds will look like moving paints. It’s just gorgeous and extremely fresh,” says the source.

When asked about the participation of Shigeru Miyamoto on the process, the very talkative source said he is working hard with gamification and that Nintendo plans to unveil something sometime 2020. “It’s a new trend with a lot of uncharted territory to cover and grasp, but Nintendo sees a big opportunity there and we’re pursuing it. One thing we have discovered that is at heart of gamification is that efforts must be followed by positive feedback, preferably some kind of reward as fast and often as possible. Miyamoto is studying in which ways he can convey this simple concept in educational and professional areas. There’s a lot to be done. We are at early stages of development, throwing some concepts on the table and making a lot of brainstorm. There’s a group formed by Miyamoto-san with people from all of our teams in order to have the broadest and richest environment for ideas to arise.”

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